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        We would be interested in hearing from you if you are a professional photographer intereted in taking some commissioned photograps of our property near Kavousi, which we would be able to use for marketing purposes. Please email me direct at

        Kind regards, Katy Corstorphine

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            Hi there!

            I will recommend to you a greek guy that the company I work for always uses. (we are a construction company so hje is good with houses!) He really is great. His name is Dimitris and he works as a graphic designer. However the photos he takes are really amazing!
            If you want his email address is

            I have also passed on your email address to him!

            Hope this helps

            Beth :) :)

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                sent you pm

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                    I would suggest Dave. dave just smile as he is called. He has been working in crete for 14 years and is employed by tourist companies in crete. He is very talented and you can contact him

                    very nice guy and is more interested in his delivery than the cost.

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