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puting up a shed

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        hi everybody,we want put up a summer house in the garden and i was wondering if we need planning permission for this ,ad if we have a Greek builder do we have to pay IKA
        please any ideas
        thank you
        anna :D

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        Del Boy
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            Hello Anna,
            I have a shed at the side of our house, NOT ATTACHED to a wall, When we had our house legalised last year our civil engineer said we don’t have to pay a fine for it because we can take it down if and when we come to sell.
            If you are going through the legal process then I would ask you engineer, anything that is not on your building permit is liable for a fine. It might be classed as another room.

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                By the sound of it, it will be illegal, so what you do about it depends on whether when you come to sell you are prepared to take it down. If you are then, as Del Boy, you probably don’t need to worry about it. If you do want to sell it as part of the property (perhaps because it cost quite a bit and it adds value) then you will need building permission for it and maybe pay IKA. I hear that some people have been building add ons without permission because it costs too much and then legalising them because its cheaper that way. That is not supposed to be done. Best ask a civil engineer.

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                    thank ypu for this ,we are coming to crete in april so i will have chat to my civil engineer,
                    is there any good plases on crete to by a big shed
                    thank you

                    Gavalochori Geezer
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                        We imported a couple of Australian made steel sheds that fitted the terrace shape perfectly and were a fraction of the price of those available in Crete, even after travelling from Oz to the UK and then down to Crete! The local "engineer" said the sheds were not a problem as they bolted together and could be dismantled easily so were a sort of temporary structure. It may be worth checking with more than one engineer as there seems to be quite a degree of latitude in the interpretation of the regs.

                        handy harry
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                            I agree with Gavalochori Geezer, our Engineer said my Plastic Keter sheds were OK as they were not permanent structures and could be dismantled easitly with spanners and screwdrivers. The Law doesn`t change from area to area to suit individual engineers, but interpretation may, I have a 6 by 8 ft and a 3 by 2 ft  easily erected and I hope easily dismantled, not that we will ever sellup or leave our home in Crete. if you are in the Chania region, there are numerous outlets that sell wooden and plastic sheds, and wooden summerhouses at a price, depends on your pocket. :)

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                                I have a heavy duty pent shed, imported from England.
                                It is bespoke and I asked the firm to supply screws and bolts instead of nails.
                                It can be dismantled and taken with us, if ever we move.
                                Even including the carriage over, it was less than half the price, that we were quoted here.
                                However, since then, a shed company has started trading on the main road, between Aghios Nicholas and Istrom.
                                I don’t know their prices. Perhaps, someone else does.
                                Belle :)

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                                    I think this is the firm that Belle is talking about.
                                    I have spoken to them but not used them yet. Maybe if some of the civil servants stopped being so obstructive then we could actually get a permit for our house >:(
                                    Our mexanikos suggested we wait until the house was built before installing any temporary structures as he could not guarantee how the Thimos would interpret them.

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