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        Can anyone help and recommend a Doctor/Nurse or Clinic.
        I have a PICC line in my arm which needs to be flushed through week commencing 15 May. I am staying outside Ag Nikolaos but can travel as I have a car. Spend a lot of time in Crete but never needed medical care before.
        Any recommendations and email addresses welcome.

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            If you are an EU national, I am not quite sure why you do not present yourself at the main hospital reception in Agios Nikolaos with passport and if you have it, your ECIH travel health card and tell them what you want. To ask what they can do to help you and at what cost. It may well be they will ask you to go to buy the required items from a nearby pharmacy before doing the required dressing/flushing of your PICC line.

            It is my experience that the main hospital in Agios Nikolaos is rather friendly informal and professional.

            Hope this info helps.

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