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Crete Property: Q&A’s – buying, selling, property off-plan, legal, architects, regulations
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        Hi all
        My building permit is about to expire, i am going to build the concrete structure this year without completing the build. Does anyone have any recommendations / contacts?

        Thanks in anticipation


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            You might contact Manolis at Crete Homes tel: 28410 26233 in Agios Nikolaos, there is also an English girl called Hilary works there.

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                I would thoroughly recommend Crete Homes as above. They’re based in Aghios and very professional. Hilary is english but the others also speak excellent English too, so no worries about mistranslation etc. We bought from them and have had lots of work done, and we have friends who has also had good experiences. Highly recommended.

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                    The cheapest way to do this is go direct to two or three concrete framers along with your architect and the drawings and ask each to give you a quote.  Times are hard so you should get a good price. 

                    It’s the architects responsibility to supervise the construction and ensure the correct concrete mix and internal irons are used.

                    If you use a builder, which is a perfectly good alternative, they will do the same thing but charge over and above for their time.


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                        I met 3 so called "builders" when I first purchased land in Crete but was incredibly lucky to meet George from Europlan. They are without a doubt one of the best firms of architects and builders on the island and are very trustworthy. Their head office is in Agios Nikolaos and are building the large Villas for a Russion set-up as you head towards Elounda from Ag Nik.

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                            I would use Crete Homes who are based in Agios nikolaos down by the town beach. Excellent firm, nothing but praise for them

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