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Reminder :: When in Greece Carry Your Passport at All Times

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        It is no fun if police ask for your identification and you don’t have it.

        Many #Brits on #Crete, seem to have a cavalier attitude to carrying some form of identification. That is all well and good if you are pottering around your local village. Even if you are just going about your normal business however and stopped and asked by a policeman to show an original ID document, you can be in dead stuck without it on your person.

        More to the point, never drive without your passport. Of course the passport applies to Brits as we do not have ID cards. Other EU nationals in Greece can use their home country ID cards.

        If you are British (or any other of the EU countries) when in Greece you have to carry your ID card or passport. No photocopies are acceptable.

        These days patrol car cops are linked by computer to the police network, but without an original copy of a document, you could find yourself being asked to go to the nearest police station.

        I hasten to add that if you have a residence certificate that is good enough too.

        If ever you report an incident to the police (112 emergency number) one of the first things they will do when on the scene is ask for your ID, or they usually do.

        The UK Government does issue rolling updates regarding topical and useful info these days for UK residents and visitors to Greece, as I noted recently.

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            You are correct, according to the letter of the law, Gerald.

            However, I carry a laminated copy of my Residency Permit and a laminated copy of my passport photo page. I carry originals only when I’m visiting an office where I know they’ll be required.

            For me, the risk of losing the originals is far higher than the risk of arrest.

            A friend used to carry a shoulder bag containing ALL his original documents, including tax return, electricity bill, etc. On several occasions he left it behind in a cafe and was lucky to get it back. His risk of "identity theft" was high.

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