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renewing Ika books

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        Does anyone know if it is possible to renew online? I think I read somewhere last year it would be soon.

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            referencing Greek Healthcare for non-Greek permanent residents

            I posted another message on updating IKA health books. Only after did I see your post.

            Here is what I am aware on Agios Nikolaos end of Crete. Subject to being updated by other members, online updating of the health books has yet to arrive.

            If you think about it, there has to be a manual element to the annual exercise unless the books are done away with. And that seems far off as, for example, chemists/pharmacies would have to be linked on an expanded computer network when it comes to prescription issuing etc. Even refunds on IKA doctors prescriptions is still a manual process.

            If anyone can update the forum or know of something in the works on this healthcare topic or other info, please let us know.

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                very easy if you have the AMA, AMKA and AFM nos
                AMA is on the cover of your IKA book as arithmos mntrwou

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