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renovating house builders proxy

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        I have been consulting with a mechanical engineer about doing some renovation including roof he suggests leaving a proxy with someone for applying for permits at various authorities. Is this similar to lawyers proxy or preferably with less power.


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        fireman sam
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            Tans, whatever it is do not let anyone have any access to your money, bank or whatever. There has been a recent example where a french couple renovating have had all of their bank account emptied by a so called ‘proxy’.

            I would have thought that the civil engineer would be responsible for obtaining these permits as part of the extortionate fee he will charge. Oh and be prepared for red tape nonsense and frustrations galore. Happy renovating.

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                Fireman Sam is right. Be very careful about how the money side of things is handled and insist on 100% proof that an expense has or will be properly incurred.

                Your engineer is correct however that you need to authorise him to sign on your behalf on various papers to get the permit. The Greek system insists on the house owner signing certain papers, or a properly authorised substitute. Obviously this has nothing to do with the money side of your transactions.


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