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        The Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation is conducting research into the behavior of Greeks towards animals. A questionnaire has been prepared and has been given to tourists in different touristic cities and places all over the country. The answers will be studied statistically and the conclusions and results sent to the Ministry and the authorities of the State, the mass media and the relative authorities in Europe. In this way they hope to show what happens in Greece as concerns the animals and how this behavior affect visitors and foreign friends. They hope that this announcement will improve the living conditions of the animals in Greece.

        If it is possible, please answer the questionnaire & forward it to friends of yours (not Greeks), who came to Greece as tourists and return them completed to to Angela Nikolaou at nikolaouangela at gmail dot com by 15th August 2014.
        Word & PDF versions of the questionnaire are attached

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            The Orthodox church is, in part, responsible for some people’s attitude towards animals. Indeed, some priests specifically state that "animals have no souls" while others accept that they have souls but are not immortal. There are also "teachings" which suggest that befriending an animal is unacceptable.

            There’s an interesting discussion, here:

            So, if you want to change people’s attitude towards animals, you first need to change the attitude of the church. (Best of luck!)

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                Do we know the results of the questionnaire? Can we find them somewhere?

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