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Road tax 2011

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        The new list for next years road tax.

        Sorry it’s in Greek, but it might give you an idea of what to you can expect to pay.

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            Excellent, thanks Tedblue. Mine has gone down a bit, just hope they don’t put it up………… it’s many days to payment time!!!!

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                Greece:  Car Registration Tax 2011

                To help out a quick summary:

                On Sept 27th, the Greek Ministry of Finance announced the new road tax on cars for 2011. Reductions in older and large displacement cars will be made with the road tax for 2011.

                From Jan 1, 2011 carbon emission will be the basis for the car tax that will be charged (grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer) regardless of the engine technology of the car ( gasoline, hybrid, or diesel). It is hoped the result will be for consumers to opt to buy and use cleaner technology vehicles.

                Back to the tax we will pay in Dec 2010. For high-performance vehicles, the government decided to abolish the special tax that was paid in 2010 for those who had cars over 1929 cc.

                An example of the changes:
                Road Tax for a 1357 cc car (bought in 2004) in 2011 will cost 120 euros compared to 137 euros paid in 2010. 

                Meanwhile, road tax in 2011 for a 1357cc bought in 2008 will cost 120 euros against 94 euros in 2010.

                Major changes made to a high capacity passenger vehicles as follows:

                For example, in 2010 a 2,000 cc car, which was registered in 2004, paid the car registration fee of 521 euros plus a one off special tax of 150 euros totalling 671 euros.

                In 2011 the same car owner will be charged just 600 euros – a saving of 71 euros.

                For cars that are already on the road there will be price reductions from 12 to 330 euros in older and large engine capacity cars, which represents 65% of the total number on the road, while increasing from 16 to  88 euros  for most new cars on the road since 2005 until today.

                (My roughly paraphrased translation making sense of the google translation) Hope I have understood, I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong ::)

                Original stories at:

                PS – If you have automatic online translation, TedBlue’s list is very clear. To note that the Greek Government has created many more bands of engine size for the proposed car taxes for next year. Basically the Greeks are following EU directives to GO GREEN for vehicles from 2011.

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                    Tax for a car over 1929cc.

                    In Dec 2009 my car was 3yrs old.  The tax payable for 2010 was 428E + special one off tax of 150E = a total bill of 578E.
                    Tax payacle Dec 2010 for next yer = 600E.  So, if the [i]one off tax[i] has been cancelled I have an increase of 172 E…Ouch! 
                    Please, someone tell me, for certain, that I am wrong.

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