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Rumour or fact, what is happening in Turkey at the moment

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        seems to be rumour of the Military and a possible take over, with bridges closed in Istanbul

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            in reply this was a fast moving event but it appears the military generals put in place by the Erdogan regime won the day over the renegades.

            The post event conclusion I make is simply this. Erdogan is virtually running the show having "cleansed/purged" the military already. Today he suspended over 2000 judges – so they will be replaced with his sympathisers.

            As usual western governments hedged their bets, "supporting democracy". But with more than half the country supporting Erdogan’s islamisation of all the instruments of government, controlling the media and judiciary, as one commentator put it, Erdogan wants to re-create the Ottoman Empire (totally Muslim) and turn Turkey into a modern era Caliphate. If Western Governments are unable to stop this process post coup attempt, then how can they then pursue Turkey as a member of the EU? As Erdogan has already said he wants to amend the constitution placing more powers in his presidency and bring back the death penalty.

            The NATO re-assessment of Russia has been one thing, but Turkey’s latest developments should be far more worrying. After all Turkey has the largest European military in Europe.

            The Turkey military has been the beacon of a continued secular state in Turkey. Those hopes are probably set back years due to a weak political opposition that also came out against the coup attempt.

            With regular incursions by the Turkish Airforce into Greek airspace, and to which the Greek Airforce responds it will be interesting to see if those coup leaders who have sought asylum in Greece will be sent back to face almost certain execution.

            #turkey #coup

            Edited:corrected NATO to Russia

          Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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