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Running costs of 2 bed house

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        Hi All
        I am sure this question has been asked before but if someone could provide an approximate guide that would be great.
        From Jan 2017 we plan to be renting a 2 bed house for 12 months with a view to buying somewhere after that term. So apart from the monthly rent or purchase cost of a property what are the typical running costs of a 2 bed house? Gas, electricity, wifi, water, landline etc. Any feedback appreciated. For the purpose of this question presume we would be based in West Crete. Thank you.

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            Hi jrlh

            Without sounding offhanded, your question is a bit like how long is a piece of string…. so many variables.

            OK.. I will try based on two people living in a house

            – gas will be in the form of containers = € …sorry no idea personally.
            – electricity – house has solar panels or not? shower is directly heated by electricity or via solar panels…. anyway say between € 120-200 every two months. In the electricity bill are your TV licence fee (whether you have one or not) – and council payments (municipal fees) part of the figure mentioned.
            – water billed three-four times a year from the municipality perhaps €25-45 each billing.
            – telecoms tend to come in bundled packages including house phone, Internet. Start around €20-25 a month latest offers include mobile, others include call costs for Greece and/or to UK or other chosen destination country.

            Swimming pool running costs? Can be deceptively huge. Investigate if you think having a pool is a great idea.

            If you are renting always ask to see the original bill each billing cycle if landlord wants to pass along utility charges. Best to know what you are in for, ask to see a recent bill before you sign the lease for the various utilities.

            Above not so helpful, I suspect. Some expats here run a tight ship others have extended costs and don’t need to watch the piggy bank. I am making a point there is flexibility in monthly running costs.

            Try not to apply UK standards here. Greece is a different country. While many things are similar many are not. Always ask questions. Lots of questions.

            Finally search this website. Best to use the search above every posting top left. Important to click "all posts" in the pull down menu when you see "one week". Give the site time to search as there can be many results.

            Remember things take "time" in Crete. Keep cool and polite with all front line staff you meet. Greeks often go out of their way to help even when it does not necessarily bring them income – like recommending another shop, a competitor when the first shop does not have what you require.

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                wi-fi usually comes with the package from the telecom operator you contract with in Crete. Check how many connections you can have. It is easy to clock up two mobile phones and two tablets or PCs. And get the password for wifi and get it set by the engineer before he leaves at time of installation. He will bring along his computer to check the set up anyway.

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                    Electricity bill (including all the extras) about 150€ per quarter if you use an electric kettle but don’t use air conditioning, electric oven or immersion heater.

                    Gas bottles about 20€ per quarter (for pan cooking) if you don’t bake or roast a lot.

                    Water about 30€ per quarter if you don’t fill a swimming pool at all or water the garden very often.

                    I pay 26€ per month for landline and unlimited ADSL broadband with 3.45 Mbps max download.

                    If you DO do any of those expensive things then it could increase your costs significantly and by an amount that can’t easily be calculated without full information.

                    ENFIA annual property tax around 350€.

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                        There used to be chap on here, Brian something, who for several years did a yearly update on a thread called ‘Cost of Living’.

                        do not think he has done it for a couple of years or so & cannot find a previous one by him of that name.

                        Hope all is OK with him, anyone had contact with him?

                        I recall he and his wife and friends regularly holiday in Ag Nik area, though I think he was going to head down West at least once or did.

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                            If you look at the Members’ list there is only one "Brian". He joined on 21. Apr 2014 and never posted.

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                                see my post in the Cost of Living Important Topics section
                                there were two threads posted by Brian c ,one ran for over 70 pages and the other was started in 2014 for that years costs.

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