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        Want to drive to Alicante, Spain from Crete so will buy a Satnav.  Know nothing about them, anyone with suggestions which would be best and any pitfalls?  Also anyone done that journey and have any suggestions for dog friendly hotels on the way.  Thanks.

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            I bought a Destinator 4800A last month, brilliant invention.
            Only cost 150 Euros.
            Difficult to operate at the start but with practice getting there.

            You must get the system with Europe maps, mine has only Greece but have managed to D/L Europe from a friend.

            The system will be in Greek but have the opportunity to change the language and Street names into English.

            Just don`t press delete on anything, managed to delete the 400M warning to the next speed camera.

            Again best invention (IMHO) of the 21st Century.

            One very good part is that once you have set the route and added it to your favourites when its time to return you just press home and the route is there without any further problems.
            Don`t own a dog so can`t help you there.

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                Most people think that TomTom is the best. My experience in the UK, France and Italy is that it is very good, especially if you subscribe to their map update service (which I don’t, though I should, which is why when driving down an improved road it shows you in the middle of a field and issues frantic advice to "turn left" "turn right" etc) with up to date maps it is perfect. TomTom with European Maps will cover your entire journey, once you leave Greece. The Greek map is an additional purchase) Tomtom were slow in providing a Greek Map as they would not do so until they had reliable mapping data. They now claim to have that.
                Because of this I bought a Garmin with a Greek Map. This performs well, though in my opinion not as well as the TomTom. The mapping of Crete though is rubbish. There is a gap in the "main road" from Vamos to Georgioupoli and you are diverted through a mountain village. Large parts of the Akrotiri are missing. Fortunately I didn’t buy it for use on Crete, but to help me every time I get lost in Piraeus. :)


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                    I contacted Tomtom about 2 years ago and asked whether their maps covered Crete, I was told at the time that they only showed the main roads.
                    I brought my Tomtom with me from the UK and downloaded the latest Greek maps a few months ago.
                    I am currently living near the end of a dirt track about 400m from a minor tarmac road, my Tomtom shows the minor road and the track, so I suspect that nearly all of Crete is covered by them now.
                    There have been a few minor hiccups, one told me to turn left off the main road, through a crash barrier, and along a dried river bed. Needless to say, I ignored the advice, unlike some people in the UK who chose to obey instructions to drive into rivers or along railway lines ;D

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