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SatelliteTV in Crete

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        My satellite gear is getting old.

        I am now debating what to do.

        So earlier in the summer, I had a ‘chat’ with my local sat guy.

        He tried to fix the rotor motor that enabled me to scan half dozen satellites in the sky above Crete but found that there was no longer a spare part not only in Greece but anywhere in Europe.

        And here’s the rub – he said sat TV was now ‘out’ amongst the young and trendy, not the channels, but the means of receiving them.

        He pointed out that the market was now fixated on the 2000+ channels available via the internet. He could tweak to whatever package of channels I wished for. He continued, yes, yes it is not legal but everyone is doing it because the authorities find it expensive and difficult to track all the users, so far. But it would cost….not much for sure.

        To me this is great but it is just the uncertainty that every 3 or 6 months I have to cough up the next rental period plus an initial set up cost….

        Just to mention that our member Kefalas is a good bloke to answer SAT TV questions because he comes from that industry….


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            I’d be interested to know exactly what part was unavailable?
            BTW I’ve never heard of a "rotor motor". It’s either a linear actuator or a DiSEqC Horizon-to-Horizon motor. Both units are still available but, as they are made by various eastern manufacturers, spares are generally not available, apart from magnetic reed switches.

            Therefore it’s common to replace the whole unit. The moving parts wear out anyway so it’s worth doing. See pictures:

            Some time ago I read (somewhere) that the UK government’s policy was to do away with broadcast TV in favour of Internet delivery. They are gradually selling off the UHF spectrum for mobile use, so Freeview terrestrial TV will probably disappear.

            I suspect that satellite TV will also go because it is so expensive to launch and maintain. It could all be wiped out in an instant by a solar flare.

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