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Scam Phone Calls in Greece Reference Forex Offers

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        In the space of a week I have received at my Crete home about a dozen "dodgy" phone calls.

        In essence the pattern of the calls – the conversation starts in Greek.
        Then breaks into English when the caller realises I am not engaging.
        Then the question: are you living in Greece, if so you need foreign exchange services and I represent one.
        Which one?
        Every call comes up with a difference name…
        At this point I state I have no money and put the phone down.
        Very persistent, very fluent English, probably from Greece or Eastern Europe types.

        I probably spoke too much.

        However I am being told by learned friends as follows:

        – Never say "yes" in any phone call until you are sure of the caller’s legitimacy. That is to prevent an unwitting acceptance of the terms and conditions which are part of the phone call.

        – Keep calm. Never engage in any conversation.

        – and, never put the phone down and immediately make another call – just in case the tricksters have in fact kept their end of the line open and can monitor any calls you make as long as that is the case. Most phone companies have an automatic "disconnect" after a certain point of time in digital exchanges. (More knowledgeable folks can correct me if this statement is not accurate).

        Just a coincidence but the latest telephone scam in UK is mentioned in another post of today:

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