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        We have a beautiful 4 year-old silk tree (Albizzia) with a classic umbrella shape and recently the upper surface of the leaves has become a magnet for bees,wasps,hornets etc.
        Does anyone know what the attraction might be? It isn’t under other trees so I can’t see how "honeydew" might be falling on it, and no longer has blossom.

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            Check on the trunk and branches for scale insect.
            They look like tiny limpets on the wood.
            They will excrete honeydew, which will attract lots of other insects.
            I couldn’t understand why the bees etc, were still around my black plum tree earlier this summer. The blossom had finished and the fruit was too young to attract anything.
            I found loads of scale insects all over one part of the tree.
            You cannot get rid of them at this time of year.
            You can apply a winter wash in winter when the tree is dormant.
            It would be best to google "dormant winter wash" to see what is available.
            Belle :)

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