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Teaching License

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        I’d just like to introduce myself. My name is Scott, I moved to Crete about 2 months ago, I’m an English teacher and live in Heraklion.

        Before moving i researched the teaching situation on Crete and read about the Greek teaching license. Everything i read said, outside of Athens this doesn’t ‘apply’. This license requires taking an oral and written Greek exam at a level equivalent to secondary school. After arriving i soon found out the government had clamped down on this and no school would hire me without said license. Since then i have discovered that the EU have taken Greece to court over this because it breaks EU employment laws and restricts freedom of movement within the EU. So for me it’s a waiting game.

        In the mean time i have started teaching private lessons and am trying to build my client base. Can i make it clear that, with this post, i’m not trying to drum up business! However, i would like to know if anyone knows of any local schools that are willing to hire native UK English teachers without the license.

        Any information would be grately appreciated.


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            Hi Scott,
            My daughter takes her 2 children to english school in iraklion (privately) each week for 2 hours. Will ask if they need anyone and anyway will get the telephone number for you in the next couple of days. It is run by english teachers. Do you teach privately and what is your charges? Cheers, BJ

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                Hi scottishscott,
                this is a quote from the ESL Teaching Jobs in Greece site, the last paragraph may be of interest.

                Necessary ESL Teaching Qualifications

                Qualifications range from BA or BSc in any discipline to TESOL Certificates. Some schools require native speakers, preferably British or Irish, American or Australian citizens. However, teachers from other ethnicity groups can find a teaching position in Greece if they have a university degree in English Language.

                For example, teachers from Romania work in Corfu Language schools and one of them has set up her own Language school on the island after marrying a Greek citizen.

                Also, a certificate of competency in the Greek language is needed. Language schools are obliged to abide by the recent law on this issue, so start learning Greek before accepting a position!

                The above apply to those who wish to work in an established private school. If you wish to freelance and teach English at home, then you can do it at your own risk since it is not allowed without a licence. However, many teachers teach at home first and then find a position at a school. In this case they form small groups (2-4 students) at home or at a student’s home and their fees start from 10 euros per hour. The current rate (approved by the Greek Ministry) is 20 euros per hour. Bear in mind that this is illegal and it is not recommended. To teach at home legally, you should get a licence for home teaching that is issued by the Ministry of Education.

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                    Thanks for the replies.

                    Thanks for that JB, that would be very helpful, i do teach privately and my rates start from 15 euros, but like i said my intention wasn’t to fish for business with this post! However, if you wish to pass on my information, feel free.


                    Thank you also for the info.

                    I have already started teaching privately and nobody mentions the private license, i don’t think it’s widely known, i certainly didn’t know about it.

                    Regarding the ‘government approved rate’ people tend to run a mile when i quote 15 euros, never mind 20. Tough times. There are local greeks teaching for as little as 7.

                    Anyway, thanks again for the advice.

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                        I have sent you a PM.

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