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Telephone and Broadband in Crete

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        We are looking at hiring an apartment sometime in November this year and want a little advice with the Telephone a Broadband situation.  The apartment has a phone line installed but I dont know what company they are with att.
        Is there a choice of companys who supply the line (like BT, virgin etc. here) or is it goverened by one company?
        Does the Broadband come over the phone line or is it seperate?
        Which company is the best for Broadband and does it come with modem?
        What type of connetion is it – is it ADSL – if so I will have to purchase a different router for my wireless laptop.
        What is the average cost of running the phone and broadband?
        Hope its not too much to ask on my first post.

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            OtE (greek BT) have to set up a phone line again
            then you register at a shop or online with cyta, Hellas online,
            forthnet or ote.
            we needed our rent contract and tax no.
            All 5 companies want 1 year contract I think.
            Starts at 17 euros a month maybe less.
            they have a splitter on the phoneline.
            You get a wireless modem free.

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                Ote are currently offering a 2meg connection for €9.90, or an up to 24meg one for €14.90 which includes a wifi router – looks like a Netgear one in the picture, which I consider one of the best.
                These prices are for the first 6 months, then they increase to €17.06 & €23.26.
                Vespaboy is correct about the phone line, although I was recently told that you can have your phone connection with Wind instead.

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                    I changed from OTE to HOL (Hellas Online) in summer last year because they offered me much better rates for phone+internet connection than OTE had at that time.

                    I pay 24.70 EUR for HOL Double Play plan which includes all domestic calls free, 20 minutes free calls to mobile phones, 6/1 mbit internet connection incl. free wireless router.
                    And they have good and fast service.

                    OTE/Conn-X rates begin at 34.50 EUR (


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