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    papa charlie
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        From the British Embassy in Athens: We would like to hear from British nationals about your experiences of living in Greece. We are updating our guides (, planning our communications with central government and local authorities and developing our social media presence in Greece. By telling us about the issues you have encountered, either getting a registration certificate, planning/obtaining health care, learning Greek and more, this will help us tailor our information services to your needs in the best possible way to be useful for all British nationals in Greece. Please take a few minutes to complete the online survey. We will run the online survey until 29/02/2016.

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            Dash it…. I forgot to fill in the online response in time.

            But I would have written that the British Embassy takes responsibility again for handling the individual’s requirements and not focus on British exports and promoting UK companies so much. All important I know it is important to create greater wealth for the country (so get more staff as that should be self funding) as long as it filters down to the pockets of we the subjects of Her Majesty.

            This abdication of this responsibility is nowhere more clear when a British national dies in a foreign country. It is not a priority or indeed an obligation for British diplomatic missions to informing departments back home of one’s demise as has been tradition for a very long time. As a result we get these absurd demands from Pensions in Newcastle in the mail to prove we are still alive and kicking, then duly respond in time and inform them otherwise our pensions get stopped abruptly.

            What on earth are we paying taxes for if the government does not support the needs of its citizens, even those abroad not just the seekers of social welfare benefits.

            That is what I would tell the #British #Embassy in #Athens.

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