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        Please would it be possible for anyone to let me know just what is involved in getting a kitten (probably 3-4 months old) back to the UK. We are only here until the 12th October so I know that it is probably very difficult. She was very poorly having been bitten very badly around the neck, we seem to have got that sorted out but the thought of leaving her in the village where our house is doesn’t bear thinking of. As with lots of villages here poisoning cats is done regularly. We have rescued a dog before and with the help of Silka (probably the wrong spelling) from Chania, she was transported to Germany and now lives a wonderful life with a family there. I know it is a long shot but perhaps somebody may have some answers.

        Thank you in anticipation

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        The Cats Pyjamas Rescue
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            With dedication & no small cost it is possible!

            We are currently assisting our rescue kittens & their adopters with repatriations back to the UK in January.

            The UK rabies law changing on January 1st 2012 has allowed us greater flexibility & owners the chance to take their cats back without waiting six months for rabies clearance.

            We have access to volunteers who will escort cats back on flights to the UK.

            We have volunteers who go back to the UK via Euro tunnel who will take cats back for us at cost.

            There are people who regularly transport goods back to the UK who have come forward to assist at vastly cheaper rates than the major pet transport organisations or flight options.

            VOCAL/Cat-a-List & FAR are sometimes able to assist but of course all require donations as the costs are not inconsiderable & the organisation takes many hours or work.

            Anyone can contact us for further information or support we are happy to help in UK repatriation for cats rather than have to rescue & re home abandoned pets.
            Contact details below:
            Mobile: 6949476418

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