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UK :: DWP To Snoop into Our Bank Accounts Without Cause

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        Why is the basis of the Rule of Law being broken time and again by the UK government? We are being presumed guilty before innocent by today’s bureaucrats

        Yes, Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) are to delve (snoop is a better word) into our bank accounts without a warrant or permission from anyone. This came to my attention through UK YouTuber, Alex Belfield. A man I have come to admire for his audacity and determination. More of him later.

        Snooping into accounts by bureaucrats. That is the state of play in today’s UK. It is a dark side of the way our lives are being run. Guilty before innocence. Looking without cause, but to create one and find a reason to pursue for a few bob.

        You know, it is the same in the example of the high street banks. They inform you they are ‘upgrading their services’ and they will go ahead UNLESS you decline. Everything seems to be turned upside down. What about telling customers of a bank’s intentions and ASK you if you would like to participate or not? Oh no, these giant institutions tell you what they want and god help you if you overlook their notification of changes to your relationship, or you object. If you object that is the end of the relationship in most cases. If the institution gets no reaction from you the client, they go ahead anyway. Often in the process you lose something. That something is likely to be privacy or an extra condition their limits even more your side of the relationship. It is not a correct or desirable state of affairs that companies with whom you have, well on paper at least, an equal relationship, is anything but.

        Anyway one the current orators of social incorrectness in UK alternative media is this chap called Alex Belfield. He currently is embarrassing the Nottinghamshire Police day after day who it appears have been the errand boys of the #BBC who Alex recounts are causing all kinds of problems for him. I should mention that Belfield is indeed an embarrassment to the BEEB as he is a whistle blower having been a key on air presenter at Radio Leeds….. As a result of all the mentioned shenanigans he says he is the process of sueing the police and others….

        Who is Alex Belfield? To me, he is a genuine down to earth fella, a true Englishman who deserves to be listened to. Anyways, he is the one who is tipping us off as to the intentions of the Department of Work and Pensions who wants to snoop into our bank accounts of we – the regular people, you and me (that is if we have bank accounts in the UK) – thinking a few bob here and there are unaccounted for.  What a waste of manpower for pettiness.

        Here is Alex in full swing in one of his almost daily missives:

        PS: I have no connection with Alex. He is a good communicator and broadcaster. I respect that. Too few around these days.

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