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    Mrs S
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        Hi everyone, just brought our house in crete and are so pleased BUT…..

        When we brought the house we went with the estate agent to the electric office, gave them a copy of the purchase contract and changed the electric into our name, the meter man came the next day and took the reading.

        Now a final electric bill addressed to old owners has appeared and it’s not a low amount!

        Lawyer is denying all knowledge, estate agent tells us it is not our problem…..but this is Greece and we don’t know the system, should we do anything or will the electric company just eventually write the amount off as a bad debt?

        I would add that the previous owners are not at fault here as we know all utilities should have been cleared by their lawyer.

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            I had a similar problem with the telephone, kept getting bills for the previous occupant. Ignored them and they stopped arriving after a few months.

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                4C636A68616C525E0D0 wrote: Hi everyone, just brought our house…
                When we brought the house…

                It’s a mobile home? Where did you bring it from?

                4C636A68616C525E0D0 wrote: Lawyer is denying all knowledge

                Whose lawyer?

                I’m assuming that the bill doesn’t have YOUR name on it?
                Just post the bill back to DEH with a note giving the Estate agent’s or lawyer’s address.
                Don’t put your name on it or sign it.

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