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Warning: For Brits Who Move Abroad to Escape Payment

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        – The news is Debt Collectors are after you outside UK

        If a court has ruled in UK you must pay a debt, yet flee to another European country new laws make it possible for you to get chased across Europe.

        Here is the thing, for instance failing to tell #HMRC that you have moved overseas does not stop the tax authority chasing you for the money you owe, if you are a debtor.

        A network of Mutual Assistance in the Recovery of Debt (MARD) agreements have set aside – meaning they have overriden the principle of English and Welsh common law that courts in one country cannot make an enforceable ruling against someone living in another.

        #Greece is included in the list drawn up by the MARD grouping, as are Austria, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, Cyprus, Italy, Romania, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Denmark, Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia, Luxembourg, Spain, Finland, Malta, Sweden, France and the Netherlands.

        A high profile case has been publicised how a man who fled UK to Spain owing a huge debt was hunted down by MARD operatives, arrested and taken back to UK for court appearances.

        Details are to found here.

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