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        Can anyone clarify the following for me? On our water bill we pay an 80% extra charge therefore almost double for the amount we use. When I queried this with a friend I was told that it had been agreed to pay this extra as an enviroment sort of add on for ten years although this is now in its 13th year! (This is greece I know) this was agreed with the government. Now when out today at a local taverna (Very Nice) and speaking with them I asked about this charge and was told it only applied in malia. Does anyone actually know what it is about please. ;)

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            We pay the 80% in Rethymno and have done so since approx 2008.

            On enquiring we were told it was a local tax to help with the repair/upgrade of the water supply system

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                Just as a matter of interest, what was the annual cost, ours was €72 for last year.

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                    Hi BJ,
                    Not sure what the 80% charge is for, but if this helps we are near Vamos and our charge is APPROX 40 cents per cubic metre of water used and a standard fixed annual charge of about 25 euro.

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                        If you are in Malia, BJ, maybe it’s to pay for the new sewage plant thay’ve been building?

                        I live in Milatos, also have a house at Nofalias, never seen such a charge on our bills.


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