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        How do you get rid of white fly they are on all my plants and tomato plants. Can anyone give advice please

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            If you have a plant sprayer, add 2 teaspoons of washing up liquid and fill the sprayer up with water, then spray the plants.

            After an hour hose the plants down with water.

            umaremasu in Crete
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                Whitefly seem pretty impervious to w/u liquid tho it works for green and blackfly. Confidor works and is safe for tomato plants, citrus etc but bad for bees and is flipping expensive, though only a couple of cc needed in a 2litre container. It is suggested you use it AFTER 6pm or very early am.

                I was looking online a few weeks ago, and one suggestion for smokers is to get all your nub-ends, soak them and use the resultant brew sprayed on. This makes sense as it contains nicotine, and I can also remember my granny and grandad using this method when I was a kid…many many decades ago

                Or you could pant loads of french marigolds!

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