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Why is Living in Crete Brits in Crete Forum now on bbPress platform?

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Testing reaction from members and visitors to the new website design and content management system

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        Why is Living in Crete Brits in Crete Forum now on bbPress platform?

        The answer is simple. The “old” version was based on PERL coding, a somewhat hackneyed form of HTML language used on webpages. It was based on Open Source software – meaning developers could contribute to make enhancements. bbPress on the WordPress platform is also Open Source but offers great flexibility and frankly is much more popular and continues to grow in enhancements and popularity with website owners. To be truthful the earlier system known as YaBB, had enabled the forum to be very complex and with lots of bells and whistles. But it does not upgrade to today’s Internet requirements very well. In other words the interest in PERL has declined due to better alternatives. Stuck with YaBB it in fact worked well. Except for one reason, our forum became the target and continued to attract massive attacks looking for vulnerabilities in the set up of the website. It was taking a lot of time and resources to maintain effectiveness and protect the site. The move had to be made, even though I had delayed it for some time.

        Why were we offline so long?

        To convert from one Content Management System to another is not so simple. For YaBB conversion to bbPress there are only a handful of companies that offer such service. Once we located one, we dived into it. But unfortunately while the core guts are convertible, many other features are not and have to be hand inputted. That has caused the frustrating time delay to get the forum up and running again.

        As a result of the required manual adding of features, many of the features are simply no longer being added. The present “new” forum is a slimmed down version of its former self. It is also happens to more in keeping with today’s ‘simpler’ look to web page design. Yet we have managed to retain much of the “look” of the original forum but have been faced with many limitations.

        There are many tweaks still to follow, so please be patient, you will likely see improvements as time passes.

        I would just like to mention that I am also learning about WordPress(WP)/bbPress. I will do my best to answer any queries you may have on how to use the WP site.


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