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        for those of you who receive WFP here is something to bear in mind when you receive next winter’s payment and wonder why it has been reduced

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            Well, because I left the UK 2 years before pensionable age it seems I’m not entitled to a fuel payment … even though some of the winters here are bl**dy cold. But hey – that’s the British government for you

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                You night wish to note one of the rules of eligibility for the winter fuel allowance i.e.

                "you normally live in Great Britain or Northern Ireland on any day in the week of 19–25 September 2011"


                I’d be interested to hear how many of our Crete based claimants meet this criteria.


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                    I’m the same as whirligig. I would have qualified for the payment in Sept 2010 but by then I was living on Crete. I think I got the better side of the deal!

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                        the important reference is: "If you move to another European Economic Area country you may be able to continue to receive future Winter Fuel Payments. But only if you have already qualified for a Winter Fuel Payment before you move."

                        Thus my wife qualified for payments a couple of years before we moved to Crete.

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                            This government will be the end of us all. We have had a long enduring five months of crap weather last year.

                            I for one have gone through 5 tones of wood, normally it is between 2-3, for the wood burning stove.

                            Anyone thinking we all live in a sunny climate for ten months of a years are seriously deluded.

                            Just read the reports ,on what the weather is like here for the hopefulls moving here, " Crete has only 21 days rainfall a year"….. What ?…. Who writes this crap ?

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