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Wood Piles in Olive Groves

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        Hi All

        We live in a remote area in West Crete surrounded by olive groves. There are a number of wood piles in the olive groves that have been here for some years and do not appear to be touched. Does anyone know if we can take the wood to use for our home fire?

        Thank in advance

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            You should not touch it, can get you in a lot of trouble*

            You would need to ask the Owner of the olive groves

            If you want to find out who the owner is, ask in a local Kafeion or the like

            *It is private property and it might appear no one is watching, but there are either someone watching or someone who will notice and a report will be made at some stage in the future if not immediately

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                Wood is left for several years to season,it most certainly belongs to someone

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                    Agree with the others.

                    Here in my village, something can rot away for years, seemingly untouched and unwanted from wood to scrap metal.

                    But WOE BETIDE anyone who touches it!!!

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